Snake School

Aïden Mamode Allee

Winner, 5-7 short story category

Deep in the Amazon Jungle, all the snakes were in Snake School. Sonny Snake is in Year 1. Sonny Snake is trying to talk to his friends but no one is listening. It is Sonny Snake’s birthday, and he wants to invite everybody. He is upset that his friends are ignoring him so he tells his teacher. His teacher is called Mr. Puma.

Mr. Puma said to everybody “Are you listening?” and the whole class shouted back, “Yes, we’re listening!”

Then Sonny invited everybody to his birthday party. All the snakes hissed and jumped and shouted “YESSSSSSSS!” At the party everyone danced and slithered around and ate lots of cake! All the snakes from Snake School were so happy that they listened to Sonny Snake because they all had the best fun. They will never ignore Sonny Snake ever again!