All Ears

Nyah-Walcott Quansah

Winner, ages 8-11 poetry category

All ears! Take notice of what I say,

Because right now, right here today,

Is time for me to explain

The main purpose for you listening.

The message I tell is not that plain,

Yet powerful but may sound insane.

I have a voice and want to say,

Standing here on this stage, 

Speaking out loud while feeling proud

Has helped me accomplish things,

Leading up to this day.

You may think what am I proud of?

Well… My skin colour,

Dark brown electrified by the sun, 

Makes me feel powerful,

Ready to take on anyone!

My Afro, bouncy and puffy, 

Curly and fluffy.

Is my perfect crown to receive 

All the floating energy and elements,

My knowledge and intelligence, 

Are growing every day, 

Still more things to learn

But I’m on my way! 

My ancestors have left me

Things to explore, 

With this legacy I will open up 

Some new doors!

I am a voice, knowing myself

And doing the RIGHT thing is the RIGHT choice.

If all ears listened to

What this 10-year-old has to say, 

The world would be a different place.