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5th & 6th of July 2024

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Short Story/Poetry Competition

Festival Schedule

Day 1

By Rasheda Malcolm

Introduced By Mbeke Waseme
Room – Theatre
Author Chat with Njambi Mcgrath
Facilitators- Bùkọ́lá Akínyẹmí & Sandy Parris From Ladies Who Lunch Book Club
Room – Theatre
Facilitators- Unesco Global Poetry Slam Champion 2022 Abíọ́dún ‘Abbey’ Abdul
Room – Terrace
Facilitator- Jackee Holder
Room – Theatre
Room – Theatre
Facilitator- Dr Kadija George
Room – Theatre
Facilitator- Kamapala Chukwuka
Room – Theatre

Day 2

Facilitators- Rasheda Malcolm & Cllr Bora Kwon
Facilitators- Bùkọ́lá Akínyẹmí & Sandy Parris From Ladies Who Lunch Book Club
Facilitator- Stella Oni
Facilitator- Olamide Awonubi
Facilitators- Mbeke Waseme & Musih Tedji Xaviere & Maame Blue (Host)
Facilitator- Rasheda Malcolm, Author, Twf Festival Director

Our Authors


Candice Brathwaite

Author, Podcast host
Kelechi Okafor

Kelechi Okafor

TWF Authors 2024 (1)

George the Poet


Jendella Benson

JJ Bola

JJ Bola


Ọlámidé Awónúbi



Despite the challenges with the transport strike, well done. The vibes were good and the content rich and constructive. Power to you.
Angela Harvey
Still buzzing from the brilliant Hammersmith and Fulham Writers’ Festival - it may only be in its infancy still, but it is easily one of the best festivals I have attended in recent years. The space created by @ashantirashedaauthor and her team(including her brilliantly polite son) is dripping with love, joy, positivity, support and compassion in a way I haven’t seen anywhere else. I said what I said.
Dr. Sofia Rehman
TWF H&F Writers' Festival brought many talented and inspiring people together. The energy was electric and the people were warm and inviting. I learned so much. There was good food and great products and books on sale. I would definitely be returning and telling all my friends and family to come too. A truly wonderful event.
Kandake M
I attended TWF Writers' Festival at White City Place, hosted by the Wilde Foundation. I live in North Hertfordshire and I found the day very informative and energising. As an individual who is very much a novice in the creative writing field, hearing about the black authors' journey into writing, the interactive workshops, and networking with other attendees is very inspiring. I have shared my experience with members of my gym and I'm looking forward to the H & F Festival this year 2024.
Joy Spencer
TWF Writers' Festival has been cathartic and inspiring for me. It was a healing space to see writers of colour expressing their thoughts and reading their books. I was inspired by the Muslim sisters and the work of other authors, sharing their journies and telling our stories. Rasheda Malcolm should be proud of the inspiring work she is doing - and I look forward to next year's festival with great anticipation. It was unlike any other festival I have attended, and the authors were all so accessible and friendly.
Sharon T

Workshops you shouldn't miss


How do you keep your dream of writing alive when the dream looks like it isn’t going to happen? Ola Awonubi, author of the historical fiction A Nurses Tale, published by Harper Collins takes you on her 30-year journey from a dream to publication along with suggestions for improving your writing practice and preparing your work for publication.


The workshop is designed for writers and authors at any stage of their careers. The session will unlock the secrets to leveraging artificial intelligence to amplify your reach and connect with readers worldwide. Discover how AI can transform your marketing efforts, making them more effective, efficient, and engaging.


An interactive workshop aimed at new writers, looking at hooks, first lines, titles and pitches with Clare Hey, Katherine Armstrong and Sara-Jade Virtue from the S&S Fiction Editorial team. We encourage all attendees to participate fully in the discussion, and bring along their own pitches and hooks for live feedback.


In this Akéwì poetry workshop, you’ll inhale inspiration, awakening abundant thoughts and feelings to then creatively exhale onto the poetic page. We’ll first review poems navigating and overcoming the lows before exploring verses embracing and celebrating the highs. 

nebula music presents

George the poet
Spoken Word Feature
Book Review & Discussion
Exploring the World of Book Clubs:  A Conversation with Sandy and Bukola
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