So tell me

Ivy Oppong

Winner, ages 15-17 poetry category

So tell me

So tell me,

Why are you always running and why don’t you just stop?

Why do you always focus on the minutes and not the meaning of the clock?

Why do you only ever hear tick-tock?

Have the hours that we live become our chains and our locks?

So tell me,

Are you using your days or losing your days?

Why are you going one direction, and your time runs the other way?

Is neglecting your time now a new game?

It seem like wasting time is something all what to play.

So tell me,

Do you use your time wisely, if not, this is your sign

Because your time is being timed and there is not enough time,

Stop thinking, more actions, because that is not a crime,

Because before you know it, you’ll be out of time.